Kunstmuseum Basel, New Building

Christ & Gantenbein, Basel, Switzerland


Basel, Switzerland




  • A 1:1 scaled mock-up of the handrail for the curved balustrade should be checked optically and adjusted if necessary.
  • The model is intended to serve as a template for the original, which is made out of marble.

My solution

  • Based on the 3-D model provided we milled light plastic to create the parts of the handrail. I assembled and adjusted the model handrail on site by hand until we found a solution that was aesthetically pleasing.
  • In order to produce the marble parts based on the information obtained, the concrete balustrade and mock-up were digitalized on site.

Fabrication process

abrasive techniques (5-axis milling cutter), manual assembly

In cooperation with

Eggimann Holzfertigung, Ramsei, Switzerland