Baloise Park

Beatrice Bayer Architekten, Basel, Switzerland


Aeschengraben, Basel, Switzerland




  • By 2020 Baloise Park will feature buildings by architects Miller & Maranta, Diener & Diener, and Valerio Olgiat. The landscape architecture will be designed by August & Margrith Künzel.
  • For the public presentation of the project in the atrium of the Basel Building Department the existing plaster model scaled 1:500 should be adapted.
  • In the first meeting with all concerned it quickly becomes apparent that a larger model would best suit the occasion. I mark the outline on the ground with tape, and the scale 1:200 for the completely new-to-be built model is set.
  • In the presentation model the three projects, each with their own architectural style, should be presented equally to full effect.

My solutions

  • Together we decide that the model will be kept in white with translucent facades.
  • Due to the larger scale, the volume of work has multiplied. I therefore work together with several other architectural model builders to implement the project. I am responsible for communication, coordination and model abstraction.
  • Despite the tight schedule, I also find time for the production of a presentation base and Plexiglass hood, as well as for the assembly, dismantling, and photo shoot.

Fabrication process

CNC- and manual processing, laser technique

In cooperation with

Model builders: Ursula Burla, Victor Fritz, Thomas Siegrist