Rudolf-Steiner School

Standke Architects, Basel, Switzerland


Basel, Switzerland




  • The auditorium is to be completely renovated and reconstructed. The complex geometry of the building is to be represented with a working model so that the architects can test their redesign. A precise model is therefore essential.
  • Building plans were not fully available.

My solutions

  • After longer discussion with the architects it was decided that a spatial scan of the entire auditorium would provide precise raw data for all the planners and craftsmen involved in the project.
  • From the resulting 3D-scan, I first formulate a digital and demountable interior model. I then assemble the milled parts into a model.
  • The architects fit their wood pulp board elements into the assembled model

Fabrication process

abrasive techniques (5-axis milling cutter), manual assembly

In cooperation with

Eggimann Holzfertigung, Ramsei, Switzerland