Glass installation: La Maison violette bleue verte jaune orange rouge

Raphael Hefti, Zurich, Switzerland


Fondation Vincent van Gogh, Arles, France




  • The artist needs a working model of the installation on the glass roof of the museum library. Thanks to the model’s movable parts, he can test the play of light in order to determine the definitive positions of the colored glass parts.

My solutions

  • In the model I left off the glass roof and built only the grid of steel beams.
  • To apply scale-appropriate glass patterns in the original colors, I developed flexible mountings. This gave the artist the possibility to try all the positions and combinations.
  • The final model was used as a template for the installation work on site.

Fabrication process

abrasive techniques (manual plastics processing)

In cooperation with

Meneghello, Plastics and Equipment Manufacturing, Muttenz, Switzerland