Luginsland. Architecture with a view

Swiss Architecture Museum, Basel, Switzerland


Traveling exhibition of the Swiss Architecture Museum, Basel, Switzerland


  • A model by another vendor which was delivered from abroad arrives in bad condition and cannot be used as an exhibit. The plastic is starkly discolored and the filigree supports had broken during transport.
  • The Architecture Museum requested that I provide an expert assessment of the damage to the model and estimate the expenditure for restoration. In the end, I am also commissioned to restore the model.

My solutions

  • With carefully applied multiple layers of paint I correct the discoloration of the model. Before painting I have the plastic sealed to prevent further discoloration.
  • Through 1 mm-large freehand drilled holes, I add reinforcing steel pins in the supports.
  • To allow for further transport of the traveling exhibition model, I create a protective packaging that provides reliable protection.

Fabrication process

manual processing