Metamorphose Stade de la Tuilière

Buchner Bründler AG, Basel, Switzerland and HHF Architekten, Basel, Switzerland


Lausanne, Switzerland




  • As is often the case with design competitions, I work in parallel on various architects’ submissions.
  • The architects increasingly employ 3-D drawing programs to facilitate their work. These also help me to quickly and accurately define the forms, and make it easier for me to find abstractions.

My solutions

  • The models combine different fabrication processes. In the delivered plaster model I hand-make a base upon which everything can be built.
  • The newly drawn, milled topographic layers with etched-in streets and paths, the hand-made, sharp-edged buildings, as well as the plotted model parts are inserted in the recesses, then seamlessly plastered and painted white.

Fabrication process

CNC- and manual processing, plot in selective laser sintering (SLS) processing