Ozeanium Zoo Basel (Design Competition)

HHF Architekten, Basel in cooperation with Burckhardt+Partner AG, Basel, Switzerland


Heuwaage, Basel, Switzerland




  • As is normally the case with competition models, the architecture and its urban context should both be conveyed. Normally, the new building project is therefore represented at the same level of abstraction as the surrounding buildings.
  • In this case, a simplified representation of the new building project would not make sense, because its architecture is significantly shaped by the circular incisions and portholes.

My solutions

  • Together with the client we decide to plot the complex architecture out of a gypsum powder. The subtle gradations that arise when plotting are creatively integrated into the model in that they are made to harmonize with the designated facade structure.
  • The portholes are cast out of perspex.

Fabrication process

CNC- and manual processing, plot in selective laser sintering (SLS) processing

In cooperation with

Kunstbetrieb AG, Münchenstein, Switzerland