Swatch Omega (Design Competition)

Buchner Bründler AG, Basel, Switzerland


Biel, Switzerland




  • The new Swatch Group headquarters are to be built on an area known as the ‘Gygax Site’. Besides production and management, the headquarters will also include a museum, restaurant, green spaces and meeting areas. Accordingly, the model is to be substantial and comprehensive.
  • The architects are free to design the competition model as they wish.

My solutions

  • For large competitions there is often not enough time to finalize the model. Therefore I often engage other model builders and specialists and discuss the anticipated workload before executing the project.
  • When the conceptual design is ready for three-dimensional implementation, the various tasks can then be simply assigned expediently.
  • At the end, like inserting the missing piece of a puzzle, I add my work to those of my colleagues.

Fabrication process

CNC- and manual processing, laser technique

In cooperation with

Model builders: Ursula Burla, Patrick Bucher, Regula Horst, Mathias Pfister, Sandra Suhr