Swiss Pavillon, Expo Milan 2015

Netwerch AG, Brugg, Switzerland


Milan, Italy




  • The presentation model is not intended to appeal primarily to architects, but to attract sponsorship. For this reason a pronounced color scheme and greater project detailing are required.
  • Since the model is to be used several times in different places, it should be robust enough to withstand breakage and wear and tear.

My solutions

  • I want to solve the task with materials that already have the correct surface and colour characteristics.
  • For the silo I opt for a plastic which is simply sanded and treated with a matte finish.
  • The pavilion’s outer shell, the floor and the bridge are made of massive lime wood and of aircraft plywood. I use colour glazes for the floor design.
  • The trees and shrubs are cut out of industrial filter mats, plucked and painted in multiple colours. This tree type is sturdy and does not flake over time.

Fabrication process

CNC- und manual processing