André M. Studer. Vom Mass der Dinge

Swiss Architecture Museum, Basel, Switzerland


Swiss Architecture Museum, Basel, Switzerland


1:500 / 1:1


  • The stored plaster models, some over 50-years old, by the Swiss architect and interior designer André M. Studer, have collected dust and are partially damaged. The furniture prototypes are in pieces and small parts are missing.
  • I should refresh the exhibits with a steady hand and without major restoration effort.

My solutions

  • I clean and restore the plaster and wood models so that they are complete and look presentable.
  • I reassemble the furniture using re-constructed parts. I achieve an authentic, age-appropriate look by using old wood, rusty screws and grease-polished leather.

Fabrication process

manual processing

In cooperation with

Saddlery Bayer, Basel, Switzerland